Welcome to a site dedicated to my  love, fascination, and work of puppetry. There are a large number of good websites for building, puppetry events, fun videos, etc. So why this one? This site will be a log of my designs, builds, and things related to puppetry I find fascinating.

I grew up during a time where puppets, thanks in large part to Jim Henson, was very popular. I used to love a variety of programs that had various examples of great puppetry. On the television we had Sesame Street, the Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, New Zoo Revue, Great Space Coaster, and various shows from Sid and Marty Kroft. Of those shows the Muppets had the largest impact. This was also a time where Jim Henson was able to bring puppets to the movies too. Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, and the various muppet movies also made a big impression on my childhood. This was a time where puppets where fully realized believable characters. In this golden age of puppets, I was a little kid who watched this and loved it.

I also was lucky I had parents that helped foster my imagination. I love making voices, and was given as presents fun puppets that had great character. I don’t recall the company that made them, but they had names like Super Turtle who lost his cape and was renamed Tired Timmy Turtle, and Littlefoot (son of Bigfoot). The greatest addition to my collection had to be my John puppet (pictured here).

John was named for me (not terribly creative, but I was six or eight years old). John and I both have brown hair so he was a mini me. I believe he was a “Children Puppets” which later became “Little People” from Puppet Productions (1970-2009) characters now owned by Frontier Creations™ aka Puppetsinc.com. He was a well-made green terry cloth puppet with brown hair, and snap on clear acrylic arm rods. He came with black t-shirt with horizontal stripes, but after many years was changed out for the shirt he’s wearing now, and at some point his eyes were redone in felt by my mom. I believe he was purchased from the San Marino Toy & Book Shoppe where most of my other puppets came from, but he may have come from Bullocks or Broadway department store. I also got a pupptry book at this time which had basics of puppetry and images from other Puppet Productions series.

With these and other basic puppets, my brother and I would host our own version of the Muppet Show in the doorway to my bedroom. Using a dry erase board or something else across the doorway, we had the Happy Face, Sad Face puppet theater. It was our childhood/preadolescence version of the comedy/tragedy masks. Hosted by Tired Timmy turtle my own Kermit like host, my bother and I would have shows for ourselves and friends.

In my teenage years I would acquire a new puppet from Puppet Productions, an old man, and a Eden Toys Kermit puppet. More to come as time allows.